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The Servochem Group was founded by Barry Campbell in 1986. He started his vision out of the garage of his home, with minimal financial resources. Growing from strength to strength Servochem quickly became recognised a key player within the industry, and a rising star amongst the newly found customers that are still supporting Servochem today!


Over the years Servochem’s network of customers grew and quickly expansion became necessary. Servochem Cape Town was co-founded in 1989 by Barry Campbell and Guy Reynolds, and thus Servochem continued to increase its coverage within South Africa. Shortly after the successful launch of Servochem Cape Town, Servochem Durban was founded by Barry Campbell and Ian Nicholson.


After the successful launching of the 3 branches, Servochem was able to efficiently supply the entire South African surface coatings industry. Servochem has developed a portfolio with a comprehensive range of raw materials, enabling Servochem to provide the surface coating and allied industries with virtually all of the raw materials required for production. This comprehensive range of raw materials is due to solid relationships and agencies with world-renowned manufacturers.


Servochem has its own shipping department and works closely with an international clearing agent in order to ensure efficient and economical clearing and shipping. Through the use of Servochem’s private fleet of trucks across South Africa we are able to quickly deliver products and keep the supply chain well run.


Servochem’s objective since inception has always been to provide the surface coatings and allied industries (as determined by the product portfolio) with a comprehensive range of quality raw materials at competitive pricing via a distribution and back-up service.


Servochem is committed to:


  • Creating a safe work environment for all stakeholders in Servochem

  • Promoting excellent customer service!


In line with our commitment to service excellence, we are ISO 9001 compliant and accordingly we have our QMS Policy available here for your interest.

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