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There are 2 Servochem Laboratories - located on-site in Johannesburg and Durban, and both have been well equipped to handle the many relevant tests that our customers and suppliers benefit from on a daily basis. We have a full time team working in the laboratories, where we offer product testing, product training and product development. We are constantly working with our suppliers to identify product placement opportunities within the market, where we are able to often assist customers with improving quality and reducing cost.


To find out more about our laboratory and the extensive range of testing we offer, please read through our laboratory information pack.

Below are just some of the tests and methods that we offer across our 2 laboratories.


  • Colour testing using the CIELAB colour space method

  • Paint Sample Production:

  • Accelerated Weathering

  • Water Content

  • Corrosion Testing

  • Coatings Testing

  • Gloss and gloss retention using a gloss meter

  • Hiding power and contrast

  • Dry film observation

  • Wet Tests

  • Fineness of grind

  • Accelerated stability

  • Wet film thickness using the wet film comb and the wet film gauge, measurable from 25um to 2000um.

  • Physical properties

  • Dust and dirt retention

  • Abrasive scrub

  • Stain testing – the ease of removal of both hydrophobic (wax-crayon) and hydrophilic (tea) stains

  • Dry film thickness  


  • Pigment dispersions – basket milling

  • Pigment dispersion – high speed stir

  • Fineness of Grind

  • Digital viscosity measurements – Krebbs Stormer, Gram Sheen, Poise

  • Orifice Cup viscosity measurements – DIN4 and Zahn2

  • Gravure printing – 100 % solid

  • Gravure printing –  0% – 100% vignette

  • Flexo printing – solid

  • K-Bar Printing

  • Foaming Test

  • Levelling and printability

  • Opacity/Transparency comparison

  • pH

  • Adhesion to substrate

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