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Together we can make a difference!


Helping others has always been close to the heart of Servochem, and we have always endeavoured to help those around us and uplift the local communities in any which way we can. From fundraising events to community outreach programs, Servochem is continuously and actively involved in creating a South Africa for future generations to come.


Throughout our branches we are involved in various different projects, and we have fostered relationships with some charities over the last 25 years.


Servochem Johannesburg hosts an annual Fund-Raising Golf Day in aid of the Johannesburg Children’s Home. Not only do we raise the funds necessary for the continued running and development of the Children’s Home, we go a step further and actively get involved in the various projects. Through the generous and kind collaboration of many suppliers and customers we are able to stretch the funds raised even further by gaining access to reduced priced goods and services. A few examples of the many projects we have worked on include providing new roofing for the many buildings at the Johannesburg Children’s help, with the support of Harveys Roofing, to the creation of a computer lab in conjunction with Mustek, to the latest addition of a music room to provide the children with access to learning, and importantly, to a fun and happy environment.


Servochem strives to continue to help the community and be a part of the future of our incredible country.

Gift of the Givers has played a crucial role in supporting disaster-stricken citizens of Africa and Servochem is proud to be an active contributor to this invaluable organisation.



We are so grateful to Servochem for creating a new studio for our children to enjoy.

Bright paint on the walls and big tables to lay out crafts and artworks are just some of the things our kids will enjoy in the months ahead.

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