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We have a professional sales team operating from Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, covering South Africa and Southern African territories.


Our sales team includes product specialists with extensive technical skills and knowledge. Every year we send delegations to our suppliers around the world for further product training to ensure we stay ahead of the market and bring new technologies and products to South Africa.


Through our extensive technical knowledge base we are able to assist with formulation, often achieving an improvement in quality with a reduction in cost thanks to our wide product range.



Working with our suppliers and their technical support, we can assist with the introduction of a new product to your range or formulation. With tougher environmental laws being implemented around the world, sometimes a new product integration is unavoidable, and we can assist with this process ensuring you do not compromise your end product.



We offer technical training monthly, striving to help our customers wherever we can. Bespoke training on new products is available, and we often hold seminars with our Global Partners to introduce new products to the market.


We carry a wide range of stock on site, ensuring that we are always able to deliver quickly and efficiently. Our stock holdings allow us to navigate through delays in shipping, global shortages and unexpected market trends. We also have bulk tanker facilities and decant into various containers depending on our customers requirements.


We endeavour to deliver all orders within 48 hours of order, providing the product is in stock and delivery is within our delivery zone.

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